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About Dylan Rieder: Pro skater born May 26, 1988 Westminster, CA. Resides in Los Angeles, CA. Rides for HUF, Thunder, Spitfire, MOB, Jack's Garage, Swiss, Roughneck Hardware. <---Email to send us stuff if the submit isn't working.

When people tell me Dylan Rieder is gay and that he sucks at skating…


Don’t waste your time telling me how much he sucks. I don’t care. 



thoughts: stefan is a babe, fuzzy high quality-ness is cool i guess, and dylan rieder kinda sorta dies…FUCK.

 This is personally one of my fav videos of the team as a whole. Dylan bombed and almost died. Well, not quite but damn. He has so much pop. Didn’t want that beautiful face to get hurt.

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Zumiez Couch Tour

"Dylan certainly gets his fair share of love and hate. Hell, there is an entire website dedicated to him run by, in all appearances, a hoard for frenzied groupies."

I am pretty sure this is about this tumblr. You guys are all groupies.

for a closer look at the page go here. 

for a closer look at the page go here

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