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About Dylan Rieder: Pro skater born May 26, 1988 Westminster, CA. Resides in Los Angeles, CA. Rides for Fucking Awesome, HUF, Thunder, Spitfire, MOB, Jack's Garage, Swiss, Roughneck Hardware. <---Email to send us stuff if the submit isn't working.
sinkedsoul :
have you got any idea what breed is austyn gillette's dog?

shepherd of some sort?

Anonymous :
does Dylan have a sister?


comme-des-fuck-up :
What type of pants is dylan wearing these days?

carhartt i think

Anonymous :
What cigarettes does Dylan smoke?

camel blue

Anonymous :
Who's dylan girlfriend?


Anonymous :
I always think about his hair

me 2

Anonymous :
what hair product does dylan use?


Anonymous :
is he dating anyone atm?


Anonymous :
Is the Tumblr "radnoir" Dylan's Tumblr? Kinda wondering. Seems to be. Sorry if you already had this question!


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dance moves

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